Fishing in Corfu can be done almost anywhere with a rod and line for small shore fish or if you want, try your skills for larger fish with a spear gun. You can also sign up for offshore fishing expeditions with specialists, tuna is always a popular catch when in season!

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It doesn’t take long to figure out that the best way to move around this island is a bicycle, be it for shopping or discovering the remote villages of Corfu. Since most road surfaces are poor and there is always a tempting beach to get down to, mountain bikes are better suited and a competent cyclist can easily cycle throughout the entire island.

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The fantastic island of Corfu, due to its fantastic cosmopolitan atmosphere and large student population, has a widely developed nightlife with lots of lively clubbing and partying. There are many clubs in Corfu, mostly found in coastal tourist destinations, with a variety of music styles, exquisite cocktails and exciting atmosphere. The best nightlife spots are the seaside resorts of Sidari, Acharavi and Kavos, boasting several lively Corfu clubs that party all night long. There are also a lot of nice Corfu clubs in Town, mostly located around the Old Town and close to the new port. Other beach resorts with exciting nightlife, ideal for fun and dance, include Gouvia, Arillas, Dassia and Agios Gordis. Dance to the best music remixes of celebrated DJs or enjoy live Greek music in a more traditional, but equally vibrant, entertainment venue.

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Boat Tours

In Corfu you can spend a day sailing and exploring the coast and swimming at some of the many secluded beaches you can only reach by water!

Day trips include explorations along the southern coast of Corfu towards the island of Paxos with its beautiful port, continuing to Antipaxos while exploring the caves on the Paxos coast along the way. Another popular destination is the island of Erikousa to the north of Corfu where you can explore the coast of eastern Corfu and cruise past the impressive cliffs at Sidari. Whichever route you take, this is an experience not to be forgotten!

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Boat Hire

Renting a motor boat will give a whole new perspective to your view of Corfu. You won’t believe how many quiet bays and coves you will find as you motor along the coast. You could even have a beach all to yourself for the day to sunbathe, picnic and swim – imagining it as your own piece of Paradise.

When you pick up your boat, you will be given  a map of the sea areas in which you are allowed to go. This will also show approximately how far it is between each bay and the major resorts along the way.

What if I’ve never Hired a Boat Before? Don’t worry – you’ve seen hundreds of other people do it and so can you! (No licence is required for the rental speed boats up to 30hp.) When you go to pick up your boat, full instructions and safety advice will be given before you are allowed to go out on your own so that you have confidence to take the boat out for the day.


Speed Boats up to 30hp do not require a license. Speed Boats over 30hp require a RYA Power Boat Level 2. (All UK/European licenses are valid in Greece.)

See the spots

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How it works

Welcome to our app.

This app divided in five sections.

THE ISLAND: The first section gives a short description about Corfu Island

EXPLORE: The second section connects you with search engine.

When you click on the icon you can see the search box.

In the first field you can type the place that you plan to go. You can also use the target icon and the app will find your location.

If you press on the gear you can set the distance range of your search. Is in Kms. If you want range in miles you can set it from settings section.

The second field helps you set the type of point you are looking for.

Sightseings, beaches and comercial bussiness are available with a click on your phone.

The third field helps you define a more accurate search. For example you may preffer a sandy or pebble beach, or you preffer to see the museums in the sightseings section.

You can set the desired oprion.

After press the  SEARCH MAP you will inform about the results of your search automatically.

Then you choose the point that you like more and a new window will open. There you will find Description, information, tel numbers, street view, map directions and google maps turn by turn navigation.

EVENTS: The third section  inform you about the events tha take place in Corfu island.

Description, dates and time, tickets price and turn by turn navigation is available to help you have the best user experience.

TIPS & INFO: Fourth section provides you small articles that gives you usefull information for a pleasant stay during your holidays.

LOCAL PRODUCTS: The fifth section provides you articles about the local products. A part of the med cuisine that until now is the healthiest of the world.

RED PHONE ICON:  At the right top of your screen. A list of usefull  phone numbers that helps you feel safe and saves you a lot of your value holiday time.

We wish you the best holiday experience

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Cosmetic products from Corfu

Natural cosmetics from Corfu based on Corfu olive oil, herbs and fruits of Corfu, bee products without adding additional chemical components.  A wide range of beauty and wellness products suitable for every woman and man. Care products for hair, face, body, hands and feet. Corfu traditional olive oil soap, honey ointments from Corfu. Shampoo, face cream, eye cream, feet and hand creams, emulsion, bath – shower gels and perfumes are some of our products. Revitalize and protect yourself by using cosmetics and care products from Corfu.

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Spoon Sweets from Corfu

Spoon sweets are a typical example of traditional Greek products. So in Corfu, using quality fruit produced in Corfu as well as recipes with “roots” in the past, sweets rich in aroma and flavour are manufactured and marketed. Kumquat, lemon, bergamot of Corfu, quince, orange and lime are some of the flavours of traditional spoon sweets from Corfu. The sweets are prepared with fresh and often organic fruits and do not contain added preservatives.

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When it comes to water sports in the Mediterranean Sea, Corfu has everything covered, from sailing and snorkeling to parasailing and water skiing. Also known as Kerkyra, the greenest of the Ionian Islands boasts a 217 km coastline and a warm Mediterranean climate, perfect for enjoying a wonderful range of sports and outdoor pursuits all year round.Overall, the island is blessed with crystal clear turquoise waters and steady winds, but it’s the incredible variety of its shores that makes it such a fantastic destination for water sports’ enthusiasts.

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There is a sport you would never except to find on a Greek island.  Dating back to 1823 it still has a strong following with regular games and international tournaments taking place in the famous for it park of Esplanade (“Spianada Square”).

Corfu cricket has a long history, the first recorded game taking place on St. Georges Day in 1823 between the British Garrison and the Royal Navy. Local Corfiots soon took the game and, two years later had formed two sides to take on ‘the Brits’. Whilst the history has been somewhat chequered, cricket is now a very popular game on the island. A new ground at Kontakali Marina has been added to complement the original ground, The Esplanade at Corfu Town, which has been reduced in size to accommodate a car park. Cricket is still played here but is generally reserved for Colts matches. Over 100 games are played each year, not only against touring sides but also between the various sides on the island such as Gymnastikos, Ergatikos, Byron and Feax.


Unlike other destinations the Corfu sides are made up purely of Corfiots although a recent regulation change does allow for four year residents to play in domestic competitions. Corfu Cricket Association have an active youth policy and tournaments are held at Under-14 and Under-18 level. Games will be played on dates to suit touring teams, usually to the local format of 35 overs. Longer games can be played by arrangement Touring sides can expect excellent competitive cricket coupled with the warmth and friendliness that only Corfiots can offer.

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