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We understand that different people have different personal wellness goals and the diversity of our Wellness Holiday Experiencereflects that. You can purify your system on a detox break using the Full Day Spa package, slim down on a weight-loss holiday with the Week Grand Spa package, unwind with indulgent spa treatments or strengthen your mind and body with an holistic approach of several beauty treatments and relaxing massages. Whether you are more interested in stress-reduction or Ayurveda healing, these Spa and Wellness retreats will help you relax and escape from it all.

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Corfu by night

]If you don’t have much time to explore Corfu to the fullest, then don’t worry! We recommended that you hop-off at these 3 very special attractions. First up is Corfu New Port at Bus Stop 1, enjoy the seaside views before we pick you up at this stop and begin the journey! One must-see attraction is Spilia Square at Bus Stop 7, a pretty square with lots to do! Nearby is the church of Tenedos and an old Greek fortress that you can explore around. At Bus Stop 8 you’ll get to experience the ambiance of the famous Old Town, just off the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

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Palaiokastritsa Boat Tours

Paleokastritsa is at the west side of Corfu. An overwhelming landscape with rough seaside and lots of vegetation. From Palaiokastritsa we can take a boat in order to explore the coastline that is full of rock formations and small caves. Due to the small size of the boat we can go inside the caves. One of them is Nafsika’s Cave, which was named after Nafsika that is said to have saved Odysseas. An incredible experience in the turquoise water of Paliokastritsa. Up in the hill of Palaiokastritsa there is also the monastery of Panagia Theotokos with a fabolus view and garden.

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Corfu Bus tours

Our tours provide the perfect way to see all the best sights along the Corfu coastal road with 6 famous beaches along the way . Including Dassia,Kontokali and Barbati with warm therapeutic water and stunning scenery.

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Amelia Bus tours

Get closer to iconic monuments and famous landmarks on our Corfu sightseeing bus tours. Our hop-on, hop-off tours allow you to explore the best of this city, at your own pace. With 50 stops across 3 different routes, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hop off the bus and explore the Corfu landmarks and attractions that appeal to you most.

Discover Corfu over three different routes. The Red Tour features live, English speaking guides, and takes in the best of Corfu .The Blue Route features pre-recorded commentary in 12 languages, and extends the Red Tour to the west.

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Caldera Boat tours

Our company 47 years now organises special guided tours for Santorini’s visitors with traditional wooden boats. The first tour was in 1968 with a small caique and its name was Saint Nikolaos. “Captain Manolis” was the person that started these small tours and he is one of the shareholders of our company. In 1974 opened the first travel agency.

We invite you to an extraordinary exploration of Santorini from a different perspective. Our travel agencies, one in Fira and the other at the old port, are every day available for you. You can easily book online your private or group boat cruise and enjoy the unique opportunity to see the active volcano from up close, swim in the hot springs or make a romantic sunset cruise. The views of Caldera rising up to 450 meters above sea level dotted by picturesque settlement of white Cycladic houses are majestic. It is then that you will realise, that no journey to Santorini can ever be complete without a leisurely boat ride.

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Sunset boat tours

End your day enjoying the sights and sounds as the world settles in. Birds flying to roost, fishing boats returning from Gulf of Mexico; these evening cruises go a little longer, but are much like our scenic boat tour. Our sunset cruises are always scheduled at the optimal time and best location to experience sunset before returning to the marina with the different hues of the setting sun lighting up the sky in the background.

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Corfu Mythology

Named Corcyra in ancient times for Corcyra, mistress of Poseidon. Legend has it their offspring, Phaeax, became the founder of the ancient Phaecian race.

Or, if you prefer, Kerkyra, daughter of Asopos, with whom Zeus fell in love and brought to the island. Their son was called Phaiakas.

Myth also reports that it was in Corfu where Ulysses met the daughter of Alkinoos, Nausica, who nursed him back to health at her father’s palace and then gave him a ship to return to nearby Ithaka. This enraged Poisidon who petrified the ship and which is now an island in the small bay of Palaiokastitsa where Alkinoos palace is said to have been. The wily Ulysses, of course, escaped.

The famed Argonauts were also said to have found refuge at Alkinoos Palace where Jason married Medea after abducting her from the King of Kolhida. Although contemporaries of the Mycenaeans, the Phaeacians had many ties to the culture of southern Italy in Apulla and distinct difference’s from the rest of mainland Greece. This still holds true today.

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Is simply delightful, warm with moderate humidity but rarely too hot for comfort and all the Sunshine you could ask for. Winds, unlike the Aegean where they blow relentlessly all Summer long follow a very distinct pattern of 10-15 days of very light to moderate winds allowing temperatures to rise, followed by 1-3 days of strong North westerly winds cooling down the island, while the occasional short shower is not unheard of. All in all you could not ask for a better Summer climate to enjoy the Sea without suffering from the heat.


Makes its appearance with an abundance of colors, scents and new life sprouting from every tree and twig. It’s very difficult to put words to such beauty which can only be experienced to be fully appreciated. Rain is still common but its duration is considerably shorter, usually a few hours whenever it decides to rain, but with plenty of sunshine in between. The Sea is at its coldest at this time, but not too cold for a brisk swim, indeed there is a good number of swimmers who swim through the year.


Begins to settle in early September when the first heavy rains appear, but temperatures remain very pleasant around 25 C with plenty of Sunshine to enjoy the warm seas. It is a particularly pleasant time of the year where one can experience the changing of seasons, the warm autumn colors of nature, but still have a taste of Summer.  If you are starving for sunshine and have only a few days available, be aware that it can be cloudy and wet for several days in a row .Otherwise September and October are simply delicious. The combination of rain and warmth create a most unusual effect. Spring and Autumn appear simultaneously, as leaves turned golden and drop, fresh grass and wildflowers pop out of the ground together with thousands of mushrooms, truly a unique experience.
Makes its entry with skies becoming progressively more and more grey and substantially more wet, but temperatures still average around 10C with the Sun making its appearance for a couple of hours at least almost every day. Early morning humidity can be uncomfortable and it is known to rain for several days continuously, so a warm dry place to stay is a must, even if temperatures are mild. But don’t confuse Corfu’s winter with Northern European winters where week long drizzles and varying shades of grey alternate between day and night. In Corfu when it rains it pours, the skies are dramatic and winds exceed Force 7 regularly creating a very dynamic atmosphere, one that artists will find particularity inspiring.

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Corfu has a well organized transport network for those who do not wish to drive on holiday.

The KTEL of Corfu buses serve the urban and suburban public transport needs up to the furthest point on the island,as well as run routes to and from the major cities in Greece.Due to the well organized taxi network you will find car to take you more or less anywhere at any time of the day.

No limits speed boats promises to transport you to your destination by boat(on the island of Corfu or even Paxoi),both from the airport of Corfu and the city centre.

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