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The Philharmonic, which began to be founded in 1840, has been instrumental in musical events and the further development of the music tradition of Corfu.The founding of the first Philharmonic took place during the period of English Protection, on the occasion of the British’s refusal to accompany the Orthodox Litanies (1837). The Corfiots three years later, in 1840, founded the Philharmonic Society of Corfu.

The Philharmonic of Corfu is known worldwide. There are 18 Philharmonics on the island, of which 4 are located and operate within the boundaries of the Municipality of Corfu. They are non-profit companies and aim to promote and develop the Corfu music tradition and education, which constantly feeds the Pan-Hellenic musical body with creators. They play a leading role in the celebrations, cultural events of the Municipality of Corfu, and beyond the island.

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