Getting Around Corfu

Getting Around Corfu

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The best way to get around Corfu depends on where you spend most of your time. If you plan on staying in Corfu Town, your own two feet should suffice; although public buses are available should you grow weary. For those of you itching to explore, the most convenient way to get around will be by car or by moped. Although KTEL buses service most of the island, their schedules are often sporadic. They also don’t operate routes to the Corfu International Airport (CFU), so you’ll have to spend about €12 EUR ($16 USD) on a taxi. Once you’re in Corfu Town, you should have no trouble tracking down a car rental agency


A car will come in handy to spend time away from the main town. Rental agencies are located all over the island, with the majority congregated in Corfu Town. Although U.S. driver’s licenses have been known to work in the past, travel writers highly recommend obtaining an International Driver’s License, which can be acquired online before your trip.



This is another popular way to explore Corfu. But this option is really only advised for experienced riders; the island is notorious for its curvy narrow roads. Rental rates are reasonable — about €15 to €20 EUR ($20 to $26 USD) per day — but make sure the agency throws in a helmet.

  On Foot

Once you reach your destination, find a parking spot and leave the car behind. Village streets are often narrow and can be difficult to navigate. Plus, Corfu’s major towns and resort areas are relatively compact, making them easy (and enjoyable) to explore on foot.


When it comes to getting around Corfu Town — and into town from the airport or the harbor — a taxi is often your best bet. They can easily be hailed from the street. However, be aware that many drivers do not use their meter, so it’s a good idea to agree on a price before hopping into the cab. You can expect to pay around €15 EUR ($20 USD) for a ride into Corfu Town from the airport. Also, consider writing down the address of your destination to avoid any miscommunication.


Corfu Town is crawling with public buses that provide transport around town and its surrounding neighborhoods. Green and cream-colored KTEL buses offer transport from Corfu Town to destinations all over the island. However, experts say that bus services are often sporadic and that your best bet for getting around is by car or taxicab.

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