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There is a sport you would never except to find on a Greek island.  Dating back to 1823 it still has a strong following with regular games and international tournaments taking place in the famous for it park of Esplanade (“Spianada Square”).

Corfu cricket has a long history, the first recorded game taking place on St. Georges Day in 1823 between the British Garrison and the Royal Navy. Local Corfiots soon took the game and, two years later had formed two sides to take on ‘the Brits’. Whilst the history has been somewhat chequered, cricket is now a very popular game on the island. A new ground at Kontakali Marina has been added to complement the original ground, The Esplanade at Corfu Town, which has been reduced in size to accommodate a car park. Cricket is still played here but is generally reserved for Colts matches. Over 100 games are played each year, not only against touring sides but also between the various sides on the island such as Gymnastikos, Ergatikos, Byron and Feax.


Unlike other destinations the Corfu sides are made up purely of Corfiots although a recent regulation change does allow for four year residents to play in domestic competitions. Corfu Cricket Association have an active youth policy and tournaments are held at Under-14 and Under-18 level. Games will be played on dates to suit touring teams, usually to the local format of 35 overs. Longer games can be played by arrangement Touring sides can expect excellent competitive cricket coupled with the warmth and friendliness that only Corfiots can offer.

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