Corfu beer

Corfu beer

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Corfu Microbrewery was established in 2006 and actively launched its first products in the market in 2009. The factory is located in Arillas, Corfu, in fully equipped facilities, where every Saturday a tour is carried out by specialized staff to guests from 11.00 to 13.00.

It is the first brewery in Greece that dared to produce RealAle type beer, that is a natural living product, transferring the beneficial properties to the consumer’s glass. They produce beers for Greece and the rest of the world with care, using the best certified ingredients, ensuring the quality and taste, while the production process is done naturally without additives.

Their products include: Royal Ionian Pilsner, Ionian Epos Barley Wine, Red Ale Special, Dark Ale Bitter, ContessaIPA, Amorosa Weiss and Ginger Beer 1842,

which can be found anywhere on the island and at particular locations and stores throughout Greece.

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