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Cosmetic products from Corfu

Natural cosmetics from Corfu based on Corfu olive oil, herbs and fruits of Corfu, bee products without adding additional chemical components.  A wide range of beauty and wellness products suitable for every woman and man. Care products for hair, face, body, hands and feet. Corfu traditional olive oil soap, honey ointments from Corfu. Shampoo, face cream, eye cream, feet and hand creams, emulsion, bath – shower gels and perfumes are some of our products. Revitalize and protect yourself by using cosmetics and care products from Corfu.

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Spoon Sweets from Corfu

Spoon sweets are a typical example of traditional Greek products. So in Corfu, using quality fruit produced in Corfu as well as recipes with “roots” in the past, sweets rich in aroma and flavour are manufactured and marketed. Kumquat, lemon, bergamot of Corfu, quince, orange and lime are some of the flavours of traditional spoon sweets from Corfu. The sweets are prepared with fresh and often organic fruits and do not contain added preservatives.

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