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Bianco fish

This is a simple Greek fish recipe, which is a speciality from Corfu. For a long time, Corfu was under Venetian rule and this dish shows its Italian heritage. Traditionally, Grey Mullet (Kephalos) is used, but Sea Bass (Lavraki) is also very popular and the photo above is with sea bass.

It’s a simple and nutritious dish and very popular in the villages here.

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Wine and wineries

Corfu is especially famous for its wines which have become a tradition for the island. No heavy industry is producing the tasty wines for they are all made from private vineyards owned by families or small associations.

All the wines of Corfu have no chemical additives and the most popular of those are: Kakotrigis: a white wine that can be either sweet or dry. Moschato: This is a light and sweet white wine. Petrokoritho: This is a dry and crimson wine.

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Pastitsada is made with a cockerel cooked in a casserole with fresh tomatoes, onion, cinnamon and paprika and it’s usually served with thick pasta.

This recipe came directly from the Venetians, who called it Spezzatino which was made with beef, rather than cockerel and served with potatoes instead of pasta. Pastitsada is the locals’ favorite dish and it’s served in special family celebrations and holidays.

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Nouboulo, which many call the “Corfiot prosciutto”, is one of the most delicious hams, not only only the island, but throughout the country. Produced from pork tenderloin, it is marinated in red wine.

It is then seasoned with oregano and pepper before being smoked with aromatic plants, such as sage, bay leaves, mallow, pistacia etc. The secret to its flavour lies in the subtle smoking process. Cut in very thin slices, as you would prosciutto, to fully comprehend its unique flavour. It can be included in a cold meat platter or added to an omelette, risotto or pasta.

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Mini strawberries

Corfiot mini strawberries are very small in size yet fragrant and scarce. They are the cultured form of Fragaria vesca, known in Europe as fraises des bois. On Corfu, they are called fraoules while regular strawberries are called fraoulonia, especially by the older Corfiots.

These strawberries are grown on the shores of the Halikiopoulo salt lake in the middle of the island and are harvested in May. To buy them, you have to visit the coast road in Perama (7 km south of Corfu town) and they should to be consumed immediately as their maximum shelf life after cutting is just 12 hours.



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Mantoles is one of the most traditional sweets of Corfu and you really should try it before you leave the island. In essence, it is caramelised almonds with sugar and natural colour, usually red, and its name comes from the Italian word, mandorla, meaning almond.It is the ideal choice for a souvenir of Corfu or gift for your loved ones as it has a long shelf life.

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Mandolato along with nougat is considered to be one of the most traditional sweets on the island of Corfu and is also the favorite sweet of the Venetians. It is made from almonds, honey, sugar and egg whites beaten into a meringue. Produced and consumed all year round, it is named after the Italian word mandorlato meaning filled with almonds.

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In Chinese kumquat means “golden orange” and indeed, if you look closely, the shape resembles that of a small orange. According to history, the kumquat was brought to Corfu by British agronomist, Merlin, in 1860, who cultivated his property in the area of Dassia.

Kumquat is a type of citrus tree, the fruit of which ripens in December. Eaten with the peel, it has a bitter sweet taste and, like all citrus fruit, is rich in vitamins A and C. The bulk of production is processed in the island facilities in the form of liquers, sweets and jams.

It is produced in the Platonas area on the Nymph plains in the northern part of Corfu where the soil is rich and the climate favours the quality owing to its geographical location.

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Corfu olive oil

For many years Greece was know as one of the world’s most important exporters of olive oil and Corfu is no exception., some olive trees are known to live for thousands of years.
Olives in Corfu are harvested from November until April which is usually six to eight months after their spring blossoms appear. They require a very warm temperature and therefore Corfu is an ideal place to grow olive trees, with long hot summers and mild winters. Corfu is the only place in Greece where the olives are left to fall naturally from the trees into nets when ready or are helped by wind and rain.
There are over 700 different kinds of olives. The colour of the olive depends on its degree of ripeness: green olives have been harvested early whereas olives harvested fully ripe at the end of the season, are black.
It can take up to five kilos of olives to produce one litre of oil. However, it is estimated that there are over three million trees on the island of Corfu, so there is no shortage. Olive oils are graded and judged according to their level of acidity. Extra virgin oil is the produce of cold pressing, a chemical free process and is considered the finest and fruitiest of all.
The health benefits of olive oil are innumerable. Research has shown that olive oil is high in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, which help to ward off cancer and heart disease. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac! When pure olive oil is produced into soap, it is said to help people suffering with exzema and psoriasis

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Corfu beer

Corfu Microbrewery was established in 2006 and actively launched its first products in the market in 2009. The factory is located in Arillas, Corfu, in fully equipped facilities, where every Saturday a tour is carried out by specialized staff to guests from 11.00 to 13.00.

It is the first brewery in Greece that dared to produce RealAle type beer, that is a natural living product, transferring the beneficial properties to the consumer’s glass. They produce beers for Greece and the rest of the world with care, using the best certified ingredients, ensuring the quality and taste, while the production process is done naturally without additives.

Their products include: Royal Ionian Pilsner, Ionian Epos Barley Wine, Red Ale Special, Dark Ale Bitter, ContessaIPA, Amorosa Weiss and Ginger Beer 1842,

which can be found anywhere on the island and at particular locations and stores throughout Greece.

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