How it works

How it works

Welcome to our app.

This app divided in five sections.

THE ISLAND: The first section gives a short description about Corfu Island

EXPLORE: The second section connects you with search engine.

When you click on the icon you can see the search box.

In the first field you can type the place that you plan to go. You can also use the target icon and the app will find your location.

If you press on the gear you can set the distance range of your search. Is in Kms. If you want range in miles you can set it from settings section.

The second field helps you set the type of point you are looking for.

Sightseings, beaches and comercial bussiness are available with a click on your phone.

The third field helps you define a more accurate search. For example you may preffer a sandy or pebble beach, or you preffer to see the museums in the sightseings section.

You can set the desired oprion.

After press the  SEARCH MAP you will inform about the results of your search automatically.

Then you choose the point that you like more and a new window will open. There you will find Description, information, tel numbers, street view, map directions and google maps turn by turn navigation.

EVENTS: The third section  inform you about the events tha take place in Corfu island.

Description, dates and time, tickets price and turn by turn navigation is available to help you have the best user experience.

TIPS & INFO: Fourth section provides you small articles that gives you usefull information for a pleasant stay during your holidays.

LOCAL PRODUCTS: The fifth section provides you articles about the local products. A part of the med cuisine that until now is the healthiest of the world.

RED PHONE ICON:  At the right top of your screen. A list of usefull  phone numbers that helps you feel safe and saves you a lot of your value holiday time.

We wish you the best holiday experience

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