Boat Hire

Boat Hire

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Renting a motor boat will give a whole new perspective to your view of Corfu. You won’t believe how many quiet bays and coves you will find as you motor along the coast. You could even have a beach all to yourself for the day to sunbathe, picnic and swim – imagining it as your own piece of Paradise.

When you pick up your boat, you will be given  a map of the sea areas in which you are allowed to go. This will also show approximately how far it is between each bay and the major resorts along the way.

What if I’ve never Hired a Boat Before? Don’t worry – you’ve seen hundreds of other people do it and so can you! (No licence is required for the rental speed boats up to 30hp.) When you go to pick up your boat, full instructions and safety advice will be given before you are allowed to go out on your own so that you have confidence to take the boat out for the day.


Speed Boats up to 30hp do not require a license. Speed Boats over 30hp require a RYA Power Boat Level 2. (All UK/European licenses are valid in Greece.)

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